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Customizable QR/Shareable Links

Collect store & product reviews through versatile QR codes and dedicated links, providing more channels for collecting authentic reviews.

Extensive Widgets Library

Enhance your site with fully branded, high-converting review widgets, carousels, and trust badges, tailored to elevate social proof.



Dynamic Email Templates

Conversion-focused emails designed to resonate with your brand identity and increase collection/open rates.

Social Ads & Banners

Create compelling UGC-driven ad creatives that boost conversions directly from your customer reviews.

Rich Attributes

Transform generic reviews into detailed, targeted insights, helping customers make informed decisions based on precise product attributes.

Review Nuggets

Highlight powerful snippets from customer reviews to instantly build credibility and influence purchase decisions.

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How Quoli outperforms Judgeme

Full Customizations

Quoli offers a higher level of customization in its features, allowing brands to tailor the platform to their specific needs more closely than Judgeme.

High-Converting Emails

Our email templates are designed to maximize user engagement, driving more responses and gathering valuable user-generated content (UGC).

Detailed Attributes

Our platform goes beyond basic reviews, allowing you to showcase customer sentiments and product specifics, providing shoppers a richer experience that aids in their purchasing decisions.

Review Snippets

Turn your customer reviews into powerful, bite-sized snippets that build trust and influence buying decisions. Quoli’s exclusive review nuggets are strategically placed to drive conversions.

Social Proof Popup

Quoli’s social proof popup grabs attention with an interactive display of real-time reviews and ratings. This feature helps you to boost engagements and conversion rates.

Rewards Engine

Quoli’s robust reward system incentivizes customers by offering personalized, unique, secure, single-use and even Shopify discount codes for leaving reviews, you can also offer same or different discounts.

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Built trust with authentic product
reviews and ratings.


Enhance transparency and influence
purchase decisions with Q&A.


Gain valuable insights on your
products and customers.


Create compelling review-powered
social ads and banners to boost ROAS.


Showcase bite-sized snippets on
product pages to increase conversions.


Launch on-site, post-purchase, and post-review referrals.

Case Studies

How FriendlyPatch collected over 1k reviews?

Learn how FriendlyPatch switched from Loox and saw a significant increase in photo and media reviews.


Seamlessly connect with your brand’s
app stack for a unified experience.

Case Studies

Dive into real-world success stories and
see how our platform drives results.

Partner Program

Become a Quoli partner and collaborate
with us to drive mutual success.

Refer & Earn

Get rewarded for spreading the word
about Quoli.


Learn more about our mission,
values, and the team.


Get in touch for any questions, support,
or partnership opportunities.

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How to install Quoli?

Watch our installation video on the Shopify App Store and see how easy it is to set up Quoli in just a minute.

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portal for quick answers.


Step-by-step instructions to make the
most of our platform’s features.


Stay updated with the tips, and best
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action on this demo store.

Widgets Library

Explore our extensive library of widgets
and carousels.

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Get inspired by our collection of
email templates.



Experience our white-glove onboarding where we handle everything for you.


We manage every detail to ensure a
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