Managing Product Q&A

Quoli allows you to customize your product Q&A widget and manage notifications with ease.


Here’s how:


Step 1:

Go to the “Q&A” tab and select “Manage Controls.”

Step 2:

Use the “Enable Q&A” toggle switch to choose whether you want to display the Q&A widget on your product detail page or not.

Step 3:

Use the “Hide Store Name” toggle switch to hide/display the store name in the Q&A widget on your product detail page.

Step 4:

Store visitors can vote for a Q&A if they find it helpful by clicking on the Helpful button. Use the “Hide Helpful Button” toggle switch to show/hide this button in the Q&A widget.

Step 5:

If you want to receive a notification on your email whenever someone posts a question on your product page, select Enable from the “Question Notification” dropdown. Select Disable otherwise.

Hit the Save button in the bottom right corner to apply changes.

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